Annoyed at all the Bitching!

I tend to bitch and complain about things when I am annoyed or frustarated or whatever. I just do. I try not to be totally negative all the time but sometimes I just am. Well, no more. I am sick of listening to other people's bitching so I am going to try to take my own advice and SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

The staff at work has been back from conference for 1 week now. And yet, I am sitting at my desk right now listening to 2 of them complain about the cost of the stupid buffett restaurant at the hotel in Nashville. Oops, moving on to the next complaint---the view from their hotel room was of a parking lot. HELLO! You are working at the conference, not vacationing. Who cares what the window looks at if you are only there 7 hours a night to sleep!!?!?!?!?!!??

Not once have these particular people commented on how well organized conference was or how smoothly it ran or how we all managed a 1200 person conference with NO major problems for a week! That is an accomplishment. Nope. They are too damn concerned that their dinner buffett at one of the most famous hotels in the US cost them $22. If they didnt like it, then go to Chick Fil A so I can eat in peace damn it! Keep in mind too that the company we work for pays a per diem to all staff to cover meals not provided by the conference schedule.

It's only Monday morning......looks like it could be a LONG week!!!!!!

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KatieJoeandGrace said...

Love the picture. I've seen that one before with a mouse trap too, clever!!