I am havng one of those days where I have no motivation to do anything!!! Personally, I think that since I worked so damn hard last week that I am entitled to a few days of nothing, BUT the boss doesnt think the same way. And so I am sitting at my desk, just sitting. Hey, I am here; that's all he can ask right now!

Yesterday, I stayed home with the sick toddler (who is fine today by the way---maybe she knew Mommy needed a day at home still!). Even though I got nothing done and had to clean up after Sicky all day, I realized how much I am missing. Granted I was away for 8 days but it seems like Grace has turned into a real kid overnight. I feel like I missed those toddler moments. I had no idea that she knew some of her shapes or that she could tell me what part of her body hurt. Or even that she knows the tune to "Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques"! I feel like it was just yesterday that I had a baby----not a newborn but a small child/bigger baby not a kid.

I just need to learn to slow down and enjoy the time I have with her. I wont get this stage again in my house so now is it. Time to get on the floor and play. Time to grocery shop after bedtime so I can be there for nighttime stories. And time to leave the office on time and not turn on the laptop at home.

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