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My friend L tagged me DAYS ago and I am finally posting my response. Its one of those CRAZY weeks at work so sorry----my creative juices just arent flowing today. Meme it is for the Friday post!

1. The Book that Changed my Life: The Five Love Languages was the required reading in our pre-marriage counseling. We had to read it seperately and not discuss it at all until our next session where we had to guess each other's 1st and 2nd Love Language. Actually, it was a bit surprising but man, did I learn a lot about my hubby and myself. Really. It helps even now.

2. A book I've read more than once: Gone With The Wind by Margerat Mitchell. It is the best book ever!!! I grew up with the book and the movie. When I was pregnant, I tried to convince the hubby to name our daighter Scarlett but he never budged---NO was his final answer on that one! I even posted about GWTG!

3. A book that made me laugh: So That's What They Are For! by Janet Tamaro was the only book that actually made me laugh instead of cry when struggling through chapped and bleeding nipples when I was first breastfeeding. (I can only imagine the searches I am going to get for that sentence!) This book got me through many difficult early momma days. Imagine that---a breastfeeding book that makes you laugh!

4. A book that made me cry: Love You Forever. Yes, the children's book makes me cry every single time I read it. Maybe thats why its on the bookshelf in Grace's room but I very rarely actually pick it up. How would I explain to a 2 year old why Mommy is crying over a board book!?

5. A book I wish I had written: Any book. Seriously, I think it would be so to walk into Barnes and Nobles and see my name onthe spine of a book on a shelf. Even cooler if I saw someone actually buy the book.

6. The book I wish had never been written: The Rules. Seriously now........do women really need to manipulate men to get them to call them back!? I hate this book.

7. The books I'm reading now: Honestly, I am reading GWTW again, for the 18th time. I just cannot get sick of this book. Maybe its my admiration for Scarlett or the time in which the book took place or the daringness of Rhett.....I dont know but I love it! Also, the other books are pretty boring: CIC Manual, Professional Meeting Management, and CIC's International Manual. Fun stuff, huh?!

8. A book I've been meaning to read: Tales From Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett. I promised Hubby I would read this.....3 years ago....and I have never gotten to it. One of these days I will.

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