Notes To Self

1. NEVER allow Grace to wear Pull Ups Training Pants to bed. NEVER EVER AGAIN. Why? Because they have no absorbency and there is no need to create more laundry than we already have. Washing sheets at 6:30 am on a weekday is not a good start to the day. Great to know that Huggies has developed Overnites for these situations...would have been FABULOUS to know yesterday.

2. Next time the doctor prescribes pain killers for the Hubby after surgery, ask for an extra prescription.......for me.

3. NEVER to try to actually stick to my to-do list at the office. Something or someone more important will always decide they know better and that they should tell you how to do your job. You know, the one you have been trained to do and actually do know how to do better than the other person.

4. Dying my hair is fun. No more roots and no more greys. My hair is never softer than the week after I dye it. However, it does NOT mask the need for a haircut. Deperately. Just suck it up and make the damn appointment for your $80 haircut already!

5. Since we are talking about hair, stop trying to DO my hair in the morning when it is raining outside. I mean, really, come on now. I know that it will turn into a big nasty mess of frizz but I do it anyways, every morning, even during Tropical Storms!

6. Its Wednesday which means only 2 1/2 more work days until the weekend.....when I will have to work but at least it will be the weekend.

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KatieJoeandGrace said...

Now, it's Thursday, even better!!