Fall Fashion----A Show or No?!

As a kid, the first day of school was the worst. Not because it meant the end of summer (it has to end at some point!) but for all the other reasons: was my backpack cool or dorky? would I be popular or the nerd this year? wouldnt it be really embarassing to trip when walking down the seniors' hallway? will I know anyone in my classes?

Now, as an adult, I hate the first month of school a for totally different reason: the damn busses! During the summer, I can drive the 17.4 miles from my house to my office in 45 minutes. Like clockwork. Even if I stop at Starbucks. Now that school has started again and the busses are out on their routes at the same time I am trying to get to work, it takes me 1 hour and 20 minutes. To go 17.4 miles! Seriously!

But on the flip side, school starting is the first real sign that Fall is coming. Its my favorite season. I love the changing leaves and dont even mind raking them up so much because who doesnt remember afternoons jumping in the leaves as a kid!? Brings back all sorts of happy times for me. But the best part (for me anyways) is that I getto wear my jeans and boots and sweaters and drink hot chocolate and watch football. Oh, I cant wait for Fall.

So in preparation for Fall, I am starting the shopping thing. Grace has no fall/winter clothes that will fit her from last year. In the effort to save money, I am trying to focus on the basics and then I can buy a few "fun" items that match a variety of the basics. Sounds like a good plan, huh?! Wanna take bets if I can stick to it!? I bet not---I have a shopping weakness. So far, I have been pretty good----jeans, a fwe long sleeve, multi-colored tees, and a really cool beach sweatshirt.

At the beginning of each season, I have this revelation that it sucks being the first one in the group to have a baby. Not because for awhile, no one really knows how your life has changed. But because you have to actually buy all your child's clothes!!! MamaChix shops in the Grace Closet Emporium at least 3 times a year (and usually adds to the closet collection when returning the clothes to Miss Grace!) and her newborn things have been worn by several babies up and down the East Coast. But for now, we get no hand-me-downs. Guess this will all change one day...the day that Grace starts wearing my clothes! {sigh} The problems of having to shop haunt me!!! (hehe, did you hear/read the sarcasm in that one!?)

Okay, now I need some help. I love Children's Place. Gymboree and Janie and Jack and Gap Kids are all favorites as well (well, whenever I can afford a $80 outfit in size 2T). I need some new kiddos shops. Its the same old stuff every time I hit all the regular stores. Is there some secret toddler clothing store I have not yet been introduced to? Maybe on the 'Net....havent done much Grace shopping there. Ideas? Anyone?!?!


Sushiberry said...

You've named most of our favorite places to shop for kid's clothes. We also shop at Jack and Jill's (which I think is local to Canada, or may even be local to Edmonton only), and occassionally at another Canadian store called Please Mum. Old Navy also has decent stuff sometimes, and is generally cheaper than Gymboree or Gap Kids.

My wife's a big fan of Gymboree stuff; it seems to stand the test of time quite well. Some of the outfits we bought for our first child are now being worn by our fourth. :-)

Good luck with the shopping!

-L said...

I have no input on where to buy clothes but if you need a buddy to pick out cute Gracie clothes I'd love to come along! :)

Bri said...

I'm a big fan of Once Upon A Child. I've found some killer consignment clothes and for a couple bucks an outfit - it's hard to beat. But then again, we get all of Gracie's hand-me-downs too so we're pretty lucky. I would hate to be the first one in the group so THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for taking on that role!!! I'll keep my eyes peeled for Gracie clothes when I'm out and about. I'm a sucker for a deal!

Mother said...

Hey. I posted on this today.

People suggest Hanna Andersson. I don't know too much. I would love to find a hand me down partner for Quinlan.

KatieJoeandGrace said...

I LOVE Once Upon a Child, any other consignment stores (half the time they have been worn once or twice, kinda like our kids are doing!) and Old Navy. They have some cute, cheaper kids stuff too. :-)
Have fun shopping though! Kids clothes are my weakness! I couldn't care less to have a new outfit because I always think the size on the tag is way too big for me (still in denial, but hopefully WW will help me out with that!)... but I LOVE shopping for Gracie!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

P.S. Old Navy is owned by Gap too, so they have pretty much the same clothes as you find in the Gap at better prices!

cheri getty said...

i love old navy too for kids. i just bought my 4 year some new clothes there and they are adorable. i spent a 100 bucks for a fall/winter wardrobe for her and walked away with 10 short sleeve tees, 5 long sleeve shirts, 4 pants, and 7 pairs of socks. great stuff!