Countdown......7 days to go!

In 7 days, I will be in Nashville, TN. I will be there with all my co-workers and 1200 attendees at the conference I planned. The conference that is the sole responsibility of my job. In fact, I have another performance review in January based mostly on the onsite management of this conference.

Stressed? Yep.

Just the last few days it has hit me. Square in the face. Almost knocked me on my ass. I am down to the wire and there is still a long to do list that must be completed before boarding the plane next weekend.

This is the biggest conference I have ever planned; more attendees, more sessions, more volunteers and staff, and more weight in terms of my job performance (I used to have several meetings to talk about in my review; now just 1). The binders are organized and detailed, my volunteers will be trained on site, and the staff assignments are done. I know that I am prepared information-wise but I am all of the sudden terrified to arrive in Nashville.

Luckily, I am getting there a day early and leaving later in the day after the conference ends. I have downtime. What I am going to do with it....no idea. But I know that I need the time. Maybe I will see an old friend who lives in TN now. Maybe not. Maybe I will go downtown Nashville and hang out in the famous country bars. Probably not but maybe!

Not sure but I am starting feel the stress and so I just want to get there. Once I am there, the stress will change; change to "Well, its not done now so it wont get done". I like that state much better than this one!!!

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KatieJoeandGrace said...

Definitely go downtown... it's so much fun! Nashville is great, and pretty clean for a decent-size city. Go to The Melting Pot to eat if you get the chance! :-) YUM!
Don't stress out. You are GREAT at your job and it will all show during this conference!