Ever have those days when, even though life is moving at an incredibly fast pace, you are able to sit for a moment and realize how lucky you are?!

I dont get to sit down often, but today, surprisingly, I did and wow, I realized how fortunate I am right now.

Work is top priority right now with conference only a few days away. At night, Hubby and Grace understand that Mommy needs to work. While I am gone for 9 days, my mom and friends are helping Bill out maintaining that single fatherhood for the week. And tonight, I get to meet the newest member of our "Friend Family"; Baby Dylan is arriving today! YEA!

Just wanted to let all my friends, "real" or blog, that I love you all! Even if I havent called much lately or havent been hanging out, I am still here (though running around like a chicken with my head cut off!) and miss you terribly.

Oct 9 (as soon as confernece is over!) I will be back to my crazy ways!

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KatieJoeandGrace said...

We love you too.
You'll have a great conference.

Keep noticing those blessings, they will keep you going when you get down or stressed!