Party At My House but I Am Not Invited

Mommy: Grace, can Mommy talk to you?

Grace: Yes Mommy.

Mommy: In a few days, Mommy is going on a work trip, in an airplane.

Grace: Up high? Ai-plane?

Mommy: Yes, Grace. In an airplane, up high in the sky. You are going to stay here with Daddy. Can you take care of Daddy for me?

Grace: Yes Mommy. I stay with Daddy?

Mommy: Yes. You are going to stay at home with Daddy. And you are going to see Marmie too. (Marmie is what we call my mom)

Grace: Oh. Party time!!!! (she says while clapping)

Maybe I need to rethink this 9 day work trip if there are big party plans back at home. I really thought I had a few more years at least before I had to worry about the parties happening while I am away.


Bri said...

You know what's even funnier?!!? We're coming in to have a party without you too! HAHAHAHA - Jaime's away - Party time! Apparently Grace got the memo too!


So-Called Supermom said...


IRS Printing Guru said...

I think I remember Gracie telling me about a party.