Much Needed Break, however small

Somehow Grace just knows. She knows when I have a big meeting planned or when my work to-do list has reached its overload point. And those are the moments she decides it time for a sick day!

My conference is 41 days away. My conference to-do list is 2 full pages long when printed. Hubby has 3,000 cases of wine being delivered to a store in FL tomrorow and needs to balance the bills today for that delivery. And today at 9 am, day care called to say "Come pick up Grace! She's sick!".

I spent from 7:30 - 9 driving to the office this morning and then 9:30 - 12 noon driving back to day care and then on the doc's office. Normally, a tour of Northern VIrginia isnt a big deal but today was not the day for it with all the things to do and all the construction workers rushing through projects to cpmplete before school starts (think: worse traffic than normal!).

Now that we are home with a disgnosis of "some sort of upper respiratory infection" and Grace is done for a nap, I realize that maybe Grace has the right idea. Stress level has hit the ceiling at work and yesterday I was totally irritated at everything. I needed a break. And now I have it...sort of. Grace is home sick whichmeans I get to sit on my couch, watch all those court tv shows, and work on my laptop.

Yes, Grace knows just when Mommy needs a break from the normal schedule.


kbfixit said...

I have the sniffles today. I think Gracie gave them to me when she spewed on me (it was sneeze 2 of 5, I think).

Hugs and kisses!!!


- kb

So-Called Supermom said...

I call that the "Explosive Nose Syndrome". It is alive and well in this house at the moment. And yes, Mommy and Daddy have the sniffles as well!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

I need a break too, but from my Grace. This stay-at-home mom thing is WAY too much work! I begged Joe to let me take her back to daycare full time. Sad thing is, I think she is secretly doing the same thing! She isn't used to me, and not having kids around!
Have a great week, hopefully the stress will ease up!