Snip Snip Snip

After weeks of fighting and kicking and pulling and straightening and curling, I give up. See.....Hair....here is my white flag of surrender. I need a haircut BAD.

My hairdresser, Dennis, is so fabulous. And I use fabulous in so many forms here.....1) He's a good hair dresser and 2) He is a Faboulous dresser, fashionista, and all those other things to be when you walk around with Kool-Aid red hair down to the middle of your back, long fingernails painted black, and women's pants from the Limited (he SWEARS they make the best pant!). Dennis did my hair for senior prom and my wedding. He is the one person I have allowed to cut my long hair short and he is the one who convinced me to cut long bangs once again. I see hime twice a year; I would see him more often but I cant afford to see him more than that at $65 a visit! ANd thats just a haircut. If I ever decide to start highlighting my hair again, the visit will be almost as much as my monthly car payment!!!

Anyways, its been MUCH longer than 6 months since I have seen my Dennis. My hair hates me right now. Its horrble. Reminds me a little of Medusa, actually!!! I cant do anything to it to make me look like a regular person these days and so up in a ponytail holder it goes each morning.

Here is my dilemma: Dennis has been with my hair for 10 years. He has seen me through short brown bobs to shoulder length bottle blonde Jennifer-Anniston-inspired cuts and now to the long layered natural colored cut. But I am bored. I am tired of the same old haircut that will never actually do anything, no matter how much time or product I commit to the project. My sister has a great hair dresser. I met him at her wedding. I am SO tempted to let him cut my hair this time. But honestly, I feel like I am cheating on Dennis.

Does anyone else feel this committed to a hair stylist? Or am I just totally wierd?

Once that is decided, then I have to figure out what the hell to do with my Medusa-Do. Hubby loves it long...I am tired of spending 20 minute sjust drying my hair. I need something that will let me put it up during those crazy times at work but something that will look (at least) decent after a decent amount of time in the morning.

Any ideas are welcome!!!!!! Tired of the same old thing but nothing too drastic!!!!


Allie said...

Ahmnen! I love and trust Azis, but I swear that regardless of the legnth or color it's still pretty much the same cut over and over. Not that it's bad but I get what you mean. It's your hair, Dennis doesn't need to know and I'd say it's worth a try (I might even get this person's # :) ) I'd just tell them you want it longer BUT you're having trouble dealing with it...I mean HELLO you have a two year old! :) Oh PS-you forget to mention who does your color ;)-

Bri said...

Soooo...I won't weigh in on the haircut topic because I think we have the exact same hair issues. I chickened out of doing anything drastic at my last appt - decided to keep it safe and stick with the old faithful - long layers with a side swept bang - no color. BUT - I know I'd like to look cool and hip again. How to do it? If you figure it out - let me know!

-L said...

Yeah, I'm in the same boat...I never seem to change my hair, I always go for the same cut, it's safe :)

And I totally hear you about "cheating" on your hairdresser. I had the same one for over 13 years and it took me 3 years of living down here to finally find another hairdresser that was closer than 3 and a half hours away!

TeamWinks said...

Ugggh...if you could only see my hair. Oddly enough, I'm off today for a cut. As far as cheating on Dennis, by the time you go back (if you decide to) perhaps he won't notice!