Its Raining, Its Pouring, I wish I was Snoring!

UPDATE: With the help of Allie, I am working on #1 today---the car. Well friends, Huffy is about to get more business cause I HATE CARS!!!!!! What the hell is a DPFE sensor anyways and why does it cost $750 to replace!?!?!?!?!? Coolant sensors are WAY overrated too. BLAH to cars!!!

Okay, snoring....no, not really....but curled up in bed for Mommy naptime....yep, that's where I would LOVE to be right now.

But it is raining. Not outside, in my life.

I looked at my to-do list this morning when I got into the office. Only slightly depressing. It just seems to get longer and longer every day. I check things off each day but I never seem to catch up!

Just so you can feel my pain with me, here is the current "personal to-do list":

  1. Drop car off at Good Year. Why is the light flashing at me on the dashboard? My brake lights are burned out and I need a state inspection. Oh yeah, and I slammed the tailgate down on a coat months ago and the lock is caught and I cant get the door open.
  2. There is still a 35 foot tree on its side in my backyard. Need to hire tree service to remove it before the rest of the lawn gets killed. Clear space near the fence for the mountain of fire wood that I will be left with.
  3. Call Home Insurance people to chat about the siding peeling off my house. They claim the repair wil cost $505.85; deductible is $500. No, I do NOT want them to pay the $5.85 claim. (Note to self: Check Grace's piggy bank for change!)
  4. Go to the eye doctor. Squinting is not cute (even if you tell yourself it is a million times a day!). Embrace the glasses!

Okay, just typing all that stressed me out so I am not going to list the other 13 items.

I feel like I am running in circles lately. No downtime (or very little anyways) with no end in sight. And to top it off, I feel like a broken record because I complain about this all the damn time (sorry!!!) !

How the hell do you stay ahead? Or is it just a fact of life that we will never catch up, that there will always be a 17 things vying for your attention, and that you will never have a day with nothing to do?


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

Okay, I have a headache just LOOKING at that long to-do list.

But you can do it.

My motto about napping, is I will sleep when I am dead ;)

Allie said...

Vent away baby, vent away :)

Bri said...

awww...come vacay in OH - or upstate NY in a few weeks...

actually just start knocking your stuff off the list - with big black marker - it'll make you feel better

-L said...

$750! Oh jeez...I'm sorry :(

If you need to vent some more, I'm always around.

KatieJoeandGrace said...

The to-do list never ends, does it? Keep on venting, that's what I do too... it makes a difference to let it out, I think!

IRS Printing Guru said...

I think you should just drive the Mustang.