Going to the beach this weekend! YEA!!! I havent layed on a beach in years and while simply laying on the beach in peace and quiet is close to impossible with a 2 year old, I still plan on enjoying myself!!!

We are taking her to the same beach I vacationed at as a child with my grandmother, the one who Grace's middle name comes from. Nana used to wear her big sunglasses and purple floppy hat and sit under an umbrella all day long but man, was she so cool!!!! Every year, we came home with 1,275 of those stupid silk-screened t-shirts from the tourist-y boardwalk stores. Hermit crabs were always the best thing we acquired at the beach. Normally, they only lasted 2 weeks or so at my house but I had this one that, seriously, would not die......he lived for a year or so. But whatever, he had a cool shell so I liked him.

This weekend, Grace will wear a tacky silk-screened t-shirt and her first pet will be hermit crab from the boardwalk...........and I can't wait!


-L said...

What a great weekend to go to the beach! Can't wait to see pics :)

Have fun!

H.A.Page said...

Beach fun... you'll have a great time. Kids always do.

Anonymous said...

mm, the life span of a well taken care of hermit crab is about 20-30 years. they need a heat of about 75 degrees F constantly, and a humidity of between 70-80%. their gills will dry up without it, leading them to a painful drawn out death of slow suffocation. its because they live in warm humid Tropical island environments in the wild. not dry or temperate areas. they have modified gills, which must be kept moist, or they will die. i suggest you visit the hermit crab association's website : http://hermitcrabassociation.com/phpBB/index.php

they will tell you everything you need to truly take care of your crabs. they really helped me, and i was one of the people who used to think that they were the "easy care" pets they are marketed as. this site will tell you the truth. thank you, and i hope for the health and safety of your future crabs, you will check this link out!