Beach Baby

arning: Pictures have not left my camera yet but I promise to post the cutest ones on this post tonight!!! OKAY, BLOGGER WONT LET ME UPLOAD PICS!!!! SO ANNOYING!! AS SOON AS I CAN GET BLOGGER TO COOPERATE, YOU WILL SEE PICS HERE!!!

I have prided myself over the past 2 1/2 years of not being That Mom---the one who gets super anxious about everything that her child gets near. If Grace falls down and isnt really hurt, I teach her to get up and "shake it off". When she is whining, I dont just pick her up to quiet her down...I ask her to calm herself down and "use her words". Well, folks, I found the one thing that makes me "That Anxious, Overprotective to a Psychotic Degree Mom"; the ocean!

Grace has no fear. Absolutely NONE!

The first few minutes on the beach were a little rough. She didnt like the sand from the moment her little feet touched it on Saturday morning. I guess the sensation of your feet sinking into sand is pretty scary if you have never felt it before but after 5 minutes or so, Grace was digging holes with her "Aunt Cat" and "Uncle Mooch" and really liked to fill her Graco Pop-Tent with sand (despite Mommy wanting it to be sand-free!). And then Daddy brought her down to the water!!!

Again, the first few moments were iffy. Water coming at you in waves can be pretty intimidating!!! But, no worries---Grace took right to it. She would run away from the water and then let it "catch" her. Her favorite game to play in the water was sitting on the sand and letting the waves go right over her. Yes, folks, my daughter scared the hell out of me all day long in the water. The surf was really strong (I lost my sunglasses in the waves) but she loved the feeling of the waves receeding from the beach.......it would pull her with it so as I was holding on to her for dear life, she was letting her feet dangle and laughing hysterically!!!!

Yesterday, we spent the day on the Boardwalk. We had fresh squeezed lemonade (well, we had it until Grace dumped it all over herself!), bought a hermit crab who Grace has named "Me", and had soft serve ice cream. SO much fun!!!! And we couldnt leave the beach without the souvenier sweatshirts for all and the salt water taffy!!!

All in all, a great weekend at the beach. Grace really is a Beach Baby so it looks like we will have to take her back again soon. Tough life it is being a beach-loving family!!


allie said...

haha--for once you were as much as worry wort as me ;)-
Glad ya'll had fun!!

Bri said...


Melissa said...

Ohhh I can't wait to see pictures. Sounds like fun....well except for the heart attack you had all freaking day. Mine are used to the beach, but I can see how scary it would be for you the first time.

-L said...

Ok, it's 9pm...where are the pics?? :)