These Shoes Are Made For Walkin'

A milestone:

Grace put her own shoes on this morning ON THE RIGHT FEET!!!

Last night I was very excited to watch her get her sneakers on her feet all by herself. The fact that she kept tripping because the right shoe was on her left foot----that was totally irrelevant for me. I called the hubby and was so excited!

This morning, she one-upped herself and put the shoes on the right feet, all by herself.

Babies have milestones all the time but it seems like it has been SO long since there was a "Baby Book worthy" milestone so I am extra excited for this one!

Update: Day care just sent me the most adorable picture of Grace with her 2 little day care buddies!!! Left to right----Amy (the new girl), Madeliene (Grace's BEST friend), and Miss Gracie!!!


Melissa said...

Can't see cuteness. It isn't opening.

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Wow, that is a milestone!
My Grace only takes hers off, never wants them on!
:-) Have a great weekend