No Flying with Supermom!

A new policy has been written: At no time should anyone expect Supermom04's plane to get to its destination at the time originally planned. If there is a tight schedule to adhere to, most likely, Supermom04 will not be able to make the first few appointments at the destination because she will be in another city or will still be sitting in the original airport. Also, no one should fly with Supermom04.

Yes, the trip to Louisville was worse but it was much more fun because I had company on my trip with me. But there was still excitement and missed appointments on the Atlanta trip.

On Monday, I flew to Atlanta for a site visit. The flight down there was very unnewsworthy, with the exception of the partial power loss at the Atlanta airport causing us to move gates AFTER the plane pulled into the original arrival gate. No biggie. I had a great few days in Atlanta and enjoyed the little bit of down time that I had there.

And then I tried to come home via airplanes. AirTran had some computer failures (I saw these news reporters during one of my adventures in the lines!) and so the plane I was booked was HOURS late. We were supposed to leave Atlanta at 12:30 pm and get home at 2:15 pm, plenty of time for me to get Grace from day care so Daddy could stay at work late. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

After 3 date changes, 2 depature time changes, and 1 45 minute wait on the runway, we finally left the Atlanta airport.........at 4:15 pm!! I walked in my front door at 6:30 pm.....only 4 hours late! (Needless to say, Hubby didnt stay at work late last night!).

Back to the policy----no one should ever travel with me on an airplane...unless you dont mind being HOURS late!

BTW---Airtran---if you are reading this....I want my $100!


Bri said...

I want 100 bucks too! We fly out tomorrow morning - I hope you haven't passed on the curse!

Mary P. said...

Everyone I've read about who has flown within the States this summer has had a TERRIBLE time. Delays and reroute and horrific layovers. Is it always like this, or are bloggers just really unlucky with airlines? Phew.

kbfixit said...

remind me never to leave the county with you.

- kb