One for the Road!!!

Way back in March, a bunch of friends and us went to see the Blue Collar Comedy Tour in DC. We knew the shows were being taped for the latest DVD so of course, we got the best seats we could and hoped and prayed and wished that we would end up on the DVD. Well, people, last night was the premiere of the show on Comedy Central.

Seriously....I watched half of it (hey---it was midnight and this mom just couldnt keep her eyes open any longer!) and I did see us a few times. Granted, they were far away crowd shots and the only reason I saw my group was because I knew exactly where we were sitting, what we were wearing, and all that. But still, we are on there!! YIPEE! Another friend of mine watched the entire show and swears she saw one of my girlfriends (we refer to her in Internet-land as SuperGirl on KBFixit!) clear as day!! Pretty cool!

DVD comes out tomorrow so grab your sleeping bag and go camp out in front of Best Buy/Tower Records/Blockbuster/your video place of choice and buy the DVD. Its hysterical!!!! Where else can you get Redneck Fashion Tips straight from Jeff Foxworthy!?!?!?


Jenny said...

You're famous! So when do your residual checks start coming in? :)

Mom101 said...

So...what are you wearing? geez, let us in on the "celeb" spotting, will ya?

So-Called Supermom said...

I will be going out today at buy the DVD and will be watching each and every moment in slow motion. That way, I can give you all a minute by minute account of the "celeb" spotting!!! :) I will post it here!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

That's great! They are hilarious! Lucky you for getting not only to see them, but being on the DVD too! I'll have to buy that one!