3 days down....6 to go!

I have a whole new kind of respect for women who raise their kids without daily help from their husbands/spouses/whatever word fits here. The hubby has been gone for 3 days now on his work trip and I am exhausted, stressed, and lonely.

Baby-care books always tell new moms to relax; that the baby can feel mom's tenshion/stress/emotions. Yea, I always beleived that but this week has proven it beyond a reasonable doubt for me. Without the hubby around, I have been a tad more on edge than usual and have definintely been a little more needy. I need more time to complete any task, I need more help than I thought, and most importantly, I need more hugs and kisses and cuddles from my baby girl. Grace is up to that task. She has constantly said "I wuv wu Mommy" and gives me as many kisses as I want.

Our daily lives are so busy between both our careers, taking care of our little girl and 2 animals, and trying to stay on top of the house cleaning, bills, and all the other life things. After only 3 days of "temporary single motherhood", I realize how much I depend on the hubby to balance my life. He is the support that I crave and the only person in the world who makes me feel complete; there is no loneliness when he is around me. I am totally capable of handling things on my own but man, I dont want to!!! I miss walking through the door and seeing him playing with the dog and baby after work. I miss setting the table while he is outside manning the grill for dinnertime. I miss the daily chit-chat after work ("How was your day? Fine. And yours?"). There is no one to chat with randomly as I clean rooms and fold laundry and make dinner. (PS---Eating dinner alone in front of the tv is SO overrated!)

And so, tonight, after I stop filling the time cleaning the bedrooms, I wil crawl into my big empty bed and fall asleep, hugging the hubby's pillow, and start couting the days til he comes home.


Bri said...

He'll be home soon!!! Until then go out with K&J or D&L! Take advantage of the help and distraction!!! I'm around too if you have a mommy gripe! You could always give the hubby a While You Were Out-type experience and redo a room while he's gone!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Awww. I can't imagine that. I am always the one travelling, not Joe. But I'm never gone that long!