Half Way There!

I am a little sad today.

The hubby has been in Europe (click here and here and here for an idea of where he is---lucky guy!) for 5 nights now. The first few nights were so lonely---one person should not have to sleep in a king size bed by herself!!! This past weekend, I didnt know what to do with myself or Gracie so we visited everyone we knew would be home. I even went to my parents (my idea!) for dinner and some adult conversation. If you know me in real life, you know that an occurence such as me spending time with my mom because I WANT to is indeed a rare occurence!

So the reason I am a little sad today? When I woke up this morning, I realized that I was kind of getting used to not having Hubby around. I miss him a ton (both him and all the things I now realize he does around the house!) and I hate that I am kind of used to a big empty house for just me, Grace, and the dog. I hate that it feels normal to do all the parenting things this week by myself. And last night, it almost felt normal to sleep in the bed alone.

I hate this. Counting today, I have 5 1/2 days until he is home again! I am half way through!


allie said...

No worries babes, it's normal...but we know you're not used to normal :) Doesn't mean you don't miss him, just means you're getting the hang of having to deal w/ him gone. Sleepover (or even a visit) offer is still open

Mary P. said...

I love my sweetie to bits, but when he's away, I loooove all the space. I sleep diagonally across the bed - mine, all mine! I eat dinner while reading, or while sitting in the livingroom, or the kids and I take sandwiches and eat down by the river.

In short, I do all those little things that you don't/can't do when you're accomodating someone else.

Then when he comes back, he gets a rousing welcome, and everything is happily back to wonderful normal. Lovely both ways!

Bri said...

Halfway to homecoming and you're both still alive and happy - Congrats!

-L said...

I'm in the same boat about getting used to being there by myself. Even took out the trash last night (usually his job!). And I am taking full advantage of having that bed to myself. I wake up completely diagonal and I love it :)

I wish I wasn't feeling so crappy today...I really wanted to come to dinner tonight...boo.