Well, here I am, in Atlanta where yes, it is HOT!!!! BUt I love the city so its okay.

Last week, I got to go to Louisville KY without the CEO but this week in Atlanta, not so lucky. I just spent 11 hours with him and I am DYING for some alone time now. Sidenote: I would prefer to be home with Grace and the hubby but.....I am here and so I will enjoy it while I can!

The coolest thing I saw here were the whale sharks. The new Georgia Aquarium has 4 of them and they are HUGE! The small female is 17 feet long!!!!! And the Beluga Whales are the funniest creatures ever--they saw us standing at one of the provate viewing areas from the event space and were flipping and spinning and showing off. SO cool!

We are here for site visits for my annual conference. Over dinner, we discussed the 2 cities I have visited and the pros/cons of each for the conference. I mentioned that DC (our "home" city) is still a great candidate and that in the small office survey, ranked pretty high (higher than Atlanta actually). The biggest pro for DC was the room rate (its not a cheap town!). His reason for taking DC off the "look-at-list": what the staff thinks is irrelevant. Ummm....what?!?!?! SO I am staff so does my opinion count or is it only his? If so, what the hell am I here for!? Ugh, so annoying! Whatever....I am putting the data together and I will make sure my thoughts are known on all the cities. I am a professional meeting planner so you would think he would value my opinion.

But all in all, great trip. I am looking forward to getting home for some hugs and kisses from my little Grace and her fabulous daddy!!!

Now, I am leaving you here on the internet and heading up to my townhouse suite at the hotel. Seriously, my hotel room is 2 floors and is bigger than my 3 bedroom townhouse in college was. The jacquzzi tub in this room is as big as the master bathroom at my house and there are too many flat screen LCD tvs...I cant watch them all!! LOVE this job!!! :)


Bri said...

Good lord woman! You're all over the place. Enjoy some girl time while you're toodling all over the country!

Melissa said...

Wait a minute! Just wait a freaking minute....you have a jacquzi tub? I don't like you any more.

Just kidding. Enjoy it.

Mary P. said...

Mmmm... jacuzzi. Oh, how I need a holiday. Not that you're getting one right now, I know that! Just, somehow, my mind goes straight from "jacuzzi" to "holiday". Hope you get every bit of enjoyment out of that gorgeous space as you can!

Anonymous said...
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