For the past few weeks, we have been waiting for the perfect weekend to start the "toddler bed transistion". Well, we decided this was it! So, Saturday morning, we all spent some time in Grace's room taking apart the crib and transforming it into the toddler day bed. Daddy did all the work while Mommy sat on the toy box, reading the instructions. The moment that the crib slider rail came off the bed and it was no longer a crib, Mommy got a little teary (yes, I am admitting it!!!). Once the crib is gone and a bed stands it its place, there is an actual tangible sign that Grace is no longer a baby, that she is a little girl, a kid! What happened to that cute little baby girl of mine? Well, she grew up and is now the most charming, sweetest, and best little girl we could ask for!

Grace loves her new bed and has yet to fall out of the bed (knock on wood!!!). However, I went in to get her up for day care this morning, I found her under the bed, hiding with her blankie and books. Guess I will need to figure out how to prevent that but for now, I am just happy that she is adjusting well to her big girl bed. SUCCESS!


KatieJoeandGrace said...

Aw, I will be so sentimental when that day comes too!
Sorry about your run-in in the posting below. Some people just don't "get it"! I'm right there with ya on the 2 working parents thing and I enjoy working outside the home! Makes time with them just that much more precious!

Bri said...

Man - Gracie is sleeping like she doesn't have a care in the world - hilarous - half on/half off the bed! What a happy kid! Can't wait to see how she's grown!

allie said...

OMG that is SO Cute!

rhonda said...

That is a GREAT bed!