The pool is open! Summer has begun! And I am thrilled!!!

However, getting to this point was a pain----the pool guy I hired to drain and clean the pool did the job 2 weeks late and then the water company I hired to fill the pool was 30 hours late. SO irritating. But at the end of the day, the inagural swim took place yesterday in 70 degree water and we had the first cookout of the season last night!

At first, Grace was not so keen on the water....it was cold and a whole lot bigger than the bathtub she is used to! But after a little while, she turned into a fish! Seriously, we could not get her out of the water. Once Daddy was in the pool, Grace was climbing into his arms and laughed so hard when Daddy threw her in the air and was showing her how to kick her feet, splashing Mommy and all the friends along the way. And I must tell you that she looked adorable in her little bathing suit!!!

Now that I know Grace has NO fear of the water, I am researching pool alarms and all sorts of other kiddie pool safety things. And that brings me to my PSA on pool/water safety! It is so easy to turn your back for one second (to grab a drink, find those flip flops under the chair, answer the phone, flip through a magazine, etc, etc, etc). In a split second, tragedy can strike near water. It can be a 25,000 gallon pool or a car wash bucket with 6 inches of water. It doesnt matter. Keep your eyes on those kiddos constantly around water. There is an article at Baby/Parent Center with great reminders of the basics of water safety and sun safety for those active toddlers!!!

Okay, I am off my pedestal now!

I am so excited for the summer. Okay, back to researching pool alarms for my toddler-turned-pool fish!!! (P.S.: The picture is not my pool but it is what I strive for my pool to look like one day ---palm trees, etc. Heaven in my backyard!)


KatieJoeandGrace said...

What a beautiful pool- that would definitely be my dream pool too! We don't have one, but I would be scared about water safety too with Grace!
Have FUN and enjoy the warm weather!!!! :-) We opened our kiddie pool this weekend too. Grace loved it!

rhonda said...

Wow, that pool and all sure does look like a little piece of Heaven to me :)

allie said...

pull a deck chair out for me-I'm on my way! :) (hey, if I'm not allowed to overthink I need something to distract me!)

Bri said...

Give it a couple years and you'll have that pool area whipped into shape! I can see it now! We'll call the annual 4th of July bash, a trip to paradise! We just bought a little kiddie pool. I can't wait to move and get a real pool!