Naked Cowlboy

My feet. My back. My shoulders. My entire body. All of these things hurt like hell today.

Yesterday was the Annual Springtime in the Park Expo in DC. Its a tradeshow/educational sessions expo for association executives and meeting planners. Really, its a ton of fun but after spending 5 hours on a trade show floor carrying a bag full of promo information and goodies, the shoulders hurt. And the aisles are carpeted but have NO padding between the cement and your poor feet. I, because I am SO intelligent, wore heels!!!! Whatever!

The experience for me this time was totally different than in past years. I was always the government meeting planner who couldnt do much because of rules/regulations/tough clients/etc and so there were only certain places for me to "visit" on the show floor. This year was great because I have the entire world to explore. I can be open to any and all suggestions and locations. In fact, I spent a lot of time with the Montreal group because I am considering bringing my meeting there in 2008 or 2010. SO much more fun!

However, the most fun involved NYC and Company (the convention and tourism bureau). In NYC's Times Square, a man stands out there in his tighty-whiteys and sings. He is known as the "Naked Cowboy". Well, he was there, on the show room floor, in ALL his glory. Seriously, in tighy-whiteys with a guitar wondering the aisles. (Yes, he was DAMN good looking!). And stuffed. :) I have a picture on my cell phone (I just couldnt resist!).

The picture here is of the REAL Naked Cowboy in NYC. Once I figure out how to send the picture I took from my cell phone to my computer, I will post the picture I took yesterday at Springtime! Totally hysterical and surprised the hell out of me as I walked down the aisle at a professional trade show!

I LOVE my job!


KatieJoeandGrace said...

Wow, sounds like fun!
Love the naked cowboy!!! ;-)

Melissa said...

Oh my god! You saw the real naked cowboy. I am so impressed. Better than any celebrities I see out here. I love him, he cracks me up.

Mama G said...

I work for the Sacramento CVB and immediately showed this post to some of my sales people .. they know this guy, too!! How very funny!