Funny Things Toddlers Do

Grace has always been able to crack me up but lately, she is bringing tears to my eyes. Not the "oh how adorable kind" that come with a nice little smile, but the "hysterically laughing so hard tears come out of my eyes" kind.

Here are some examples:

This morning, Daddy told Grace to "slip Mommy some skin". Now, she has NO idea what the means (well, I didnt think so) and as I was looking at my hubby strangely (not quite sure why he said that but whatever!), Grace walked over to me, put out her hand, and, in fact, "slipped me some skin"! Perfectly. It wasnt a "high five" but a slow, gentle slip over my hand. HYSTERICAL!

The hubby got me some of my favorite dip at the grocery store (HelluvaGood Bacon Horseradish Dip---YUM!) and it was sitting on the kitchen table. I went into the kitchen to get Grace some milk per her request and when I turned around, the toddler AND the dip were gone! In the family room, Grace had herself all set up with a bag of chips from the pantry, Mommy's new dip, and was sitting in her stuffed Princess chair, watching Dora the Explorer. Guess we will have to buy 2 dips so that the girls of the house can have their own container of it!

We walked into the house last night from work/day care. The normal routine is: 1-walk in door and let dog outside. 2-go through the mail to toss out the ridiculous amount of trash mail. 3-play with toddler for a little while. 4-make dinner (order out!). Last night, I made a comment to Grace that "Mommy has to go pee-pee". We are trying to start this potty training thing so we are pretty verbal with our toilet intentions right now to get her used to it. Well, a few minutes later, I still hadnt made it to the bathroom and Grace grabbed my hand, led me to the bathroom, and said "Mommy potty now!". Ummm, okay.

Every now and then, I have to stop and think about all these cute moments with my daughter. Otherwise, this crazy life takes over and i forget to stop and enjoy it all.

Must get back to work now.


KatieJoeandGrace said...

She sounds like a bundle full of energy! :-)
Some days I can't wait for my Grace to grow up and do fun stuff, but at the same time I want her to stay little and cherish all the fun things she is doing right now!
Ah, to be a mother!

rhonda said...

I just love the stuff that comes out of the kid's mouths....so funny...and so innocent :)

allis said...

My little Moo! Loving the 'G-Unit' look ;)