WiId and Crazy Mama out on the Town!

Drunk pictures are never flattering! The proof is here. However, we did have a blast this weekend at the Bachelorette Party. In addition to too much alcohol, I did acquire some new knowledge:

1. Next time I go clubbing in DC, I will remember to "pre-drink" so that I can limit the number of beers that need to be purchased at the bars.....seriously, $5 for a Bud Light bottle! Crazy!

2. There is absolutely no reason to stay awake past 3 am even if you do have a limo to drive yo home.

3. Pizza is the best food ever at 4 am after drinking for 5 1/2 hours straight. Especially when it is Jumbo Slice!!!! A slice is about the size of half a pizza, there are 1,000 calories in each slice, the grease outweighs the cheese, and it was the best food I have ever had!!!

4. Limo drivers who are an hour and 15 minutes late to pick up the sober bachelorette get an earful when the bride must SCREAM at him to get in the damn car and drive!!!!!! Seriously, we are all grown ups....we can figure out how to use the "features" of the limo without a personal narrative from ghetto-man driver!

5. While I am not planning on a night out like this one for awhile, I had a ton of fun and even felt like I was in college again........drunk, care-free, and awake at 4 am!!! Man, did that pillow feel good when my head finally hit it at 4:45 am!!!!!


rhonda said...

Hooray for a fun night out!!!

Bri said...

I still can't believe you had us over for lunch at noon and you didn't go to bed until 4:45~ crazy woman!