The bar Scene

This weekend is my sister's bachelorette party. 10 girls crammed into a limo, barhopping all over D.C. Sounds funs, huh? (There is a TOUCH of sarcasm in there in case you hadnt realized!).

Before we were parents, the hubby and I went out all the damn time. Man, we could stay out drinking until 4 am and get up for 12 hour shifts at work the next day like it was nothing! Oh, those were the days! There is a restaurant/bar in Northern Virginia that can attribute many mortagae/lease payments to us! I used to be able to call the place and whoever answered the phone would know my voice instantly! It was great---like having my own Cheers!

Once we had little Gracie, things changed. I was no longer interested in hanging out at a bar, watching my friends and myself get drunk and then try to figure out how to get home. Standing in a bar with no room to move just doesnt sound fun to me anymore....I cant imagine why not!!! I would rather hang out at home with the hubby and the kiddo, have friends over, or go to the neighborhood restaurant/bar where I dont have to scream at the top of my lungs to hear my friend standing right next to me.

As the maid-of-honor, I am sucking it up and going out on the town with 10 early-20-year-olds-in-the-prim-of-their-clubbing-days. Now, here are my questions: What does one wear to a bachelorette party after bearing a child? The tummy is not for public display anymore so there goes any thought of tummy-bearing tanks. And the "girls" are too large to be supported by a tube top. Ahh, the clothes issue! D.C. clubs have dress codes (see I told you it was more fun to hang out at home with a martini and friends!) so if I choose to wear jeans, they must be designer style style and there must be heels on my feet! Guess I should get a manicure tonight just in case they check my nails upon entering the shrine of drinking....mommy nails (youknow the kind...chipped poilish, each nail a different length, and oh the jagged edges!) just wont cut it!!!

The problem is that I really do want to be excited. I know that once I get there, I will be fine and will have a great time. Getting there is the battle. I sound bitter, dont I? Just a little bit like an old lady? Or (gulp) a mom!?!?!!? I guess there is just a point in all our lives where we outgrow the crowded, smokey, loud, and trendy bar scene. Guess its part of growing up. My boss today said "Growing older is required; Growing up is an option". Guess I chose to take that option. Having a baby will do that to you, huh?!

Arent you all jealous of my weekend plans!?!?!?!?


-L said...

I'm really looking forward to pics from this! And I'm sure once you are there you will have a blast. Or at least a pretty good time watching your sister with that sash and boa on!

cheri getty said...

i know what you mean...sometimes the idea of going out is a lot better than actually going out. BUT try to have fun...i'm sure you'll be glad you went out....always feel good to fix yourself....wear black..a mommy's most flattering color.! :)

Kristen said...

Let's put it this way. I'm a cheap date anymore. :)