Grace had a playdate yesterday afternoon with one of the hubby's fraternity brother's baby (did you follow that?!). Ashley is 9 months old and is absolutely adorable. The picture here doesnt do the girls justice on their cute-ness yesterday. I LOVE the matching dresses.

The girls played, read books, cuddled, and even ate lunch together. Besides loving having another baby around to play with Grace and another parent-friends around to talk about all the cute things the kids do, I love when KBA comes to visit because I can clean out Grace's closet and send all the hand-me-downs home with them.

Yesterday though was a little ridiculous!!! They left my house with 44 lbs of luggage containing all the 12-18 months clothes in Grace's closet! Maybe I should start my own hand-me-down store out of the house! Hmmmm....thats a thought! Anyways, while that in itself is kind of funny, the craziest moments were spent watching the hubby part of KBA pack the suircase of baby clothes. Seriously, he rolled each article of clothing and placed it in the suitcase, packing as much as possible into one carry-on size suitcase. Click on the picture for more detail of this madness!!! HAHAHAHA!

I am having a totally stressful day at the office (more later this week on that---if I write about it now, I may cry!). So, in honor of my crappy day at work, I am posting pics of the playdate to bring a smile to all of us on this crappy Monday!!! Enjoy!


Bri said...

Send me these pics! I want to have them printed - this was Ash's first official playdate! The matching dresses makes it even more cute than I thought it would! Two blonde blue eyed girls - watch out daddies!

Mamacita Tina said...

Matching dresses, too cute! Isn't it amazing how sweet pictures can turn a crappy day around?

KatieJoeandGrace said...