Where did all the time go?!?!?

Warning: You are about to read a post written by a mother who just realized that her little one is no longer a baby but is a kid. This mommy is feeling very emotional about it. Consider yourself warned!!!!!

2 years ago today, I was 12 days overdue with my first baby, running from store to store making sure that I had everything I needed at the apartment, and cleaned until the counters sparkled. Then at 4 am tomorrow morning, I went to the hospital for mu induction appointment.

One piece of advice I heard over and over and over again after Grace was born was "Time flies, take a ton of pictures, dont forget the video camera, and enjoy the time you get bacause it goes by quicker than you can imagine". Well, I knew all those people were right but it wasnt until today that I realized just how right they were.

I can clearly remember laying on the couch or sitting in a chair with Grace curled up on my chest, asleep. I can remember her little bird face that she used to make when she was hungry. And I can remember when her favorite place to be was in Mommy or Daddy's arms. I can remember these things so clearly that I can almost still feel her on my chest or in my arms. Now, Grace still cuddles, still makes faces at the dinner table, and still loves to be carried; only now 25 lbs instead of 9 and she is a kid with her own agenda and plans.

Where did my baby go? I was home with her for 3 months and then back to work I went. Since then the time has passed so quickly and I feel like we blinked and our baby grew up. How does that happen? Wasn't someone supposed to ask me if it was okay to turn the baby into a kid? I am not sure I was ready for all that!!!! Dont get me wrong---this toddler stage is a blast but now that the crib has turned into a toddler bed and potty training is around the corner, I am missing those innocent newborn moments so much. Grace was a gift to my hubby and I........is there any way to stop the gift from growing so fast so we have more time to enjoy it all!?!!?!??!


Kristen said...

I was just staring at my daughter yesterday in shock. She's a full on TODDLER! HOLY CRAP!

Bri said...

She really is a beautiful little girl...You've done wonderfully as a first-time mom "winging it". She's a happy, healthy, well-adjusted, great sleeper, great eater, loving and to top it all off tall, thin and blonde! What more could you ask for!?! 5 years ago you probably couldn't imagine youself on the journey you've been for the past 2 years - but just watching it has been pretty awesome!