Is This All Really Necessary!?!?!?!?!?

23 people have responded "Yes" to my low-key party Evite for Grace's 2nd Birthday Party this weekend! 7 people have said "Maybe". WHAT!!?!??! My 2 year old gets more guests at her birthday party than I do. She is definitely much cuter than I am but come on.....does a 2 year old even know what is going on? Does she realize all those people are there for her enjoyment?

I decided this year that I would have a low key birthday party for Grace. After all, she is only just starting to realize what these birthday things are all about. I figured next year I could invite all the little kids from day care for a "real" kids party at Chuck-E-Cheez or something. This year, just family and close friends. How then did I end up with 30 potential guests for tomorrow's party!?!? I guess low key just isnt going to happen this year.

Really, its totally my fault---the event planner in me never quits! Since it is Easter weekend, the kids will be going on an "Easter Egg Adventure" followed by some hard boiled egg dying. The theme is "Dora the Explorer", complete with Dora dangling decorations from the ceiling, tablecloth adorned with Dora and Boots, and of course, the Dora shaped cake that I am going to attempt to make AND frost in the correct colors. Seriously, I bought the Dora themed icing dyes at Party City the other day. I am neurotic about these things.....there is no stoppng me!!! :) Wish me luck---I have never attempted a cake frosting job such as the one I am going to embark on, all for the look on my little girl's face when she see Dora the Cake on the table! The cake is supposed to look exactly like Dora's picture here---we shall see about that!

My favorite part of the party agenda: while the kids munch on the Dora-themed food (tacos, nachos, taquitos, etc), the adults will be joining their own Dora beverages; margaritas!!!!! Yummy!!!


Bri said...

I'm dying to see this cake - personally I would've called a cake place - brave mom taking on Dora!

cheri getty said...

dora is always a fun party! we did dora for my oldest daughters 2nd bday!