Something Fun on Tax Day (YUCK!)

Your Lucky Underwear is Green
You're a total go getter who will scrape and crawl to get to the top. And your lucky green underwear will help you get there without a struggle.A fast learner, you enjoy a good mental challenge - whether it's getting your law degree or running a successful business.
Sometimes you push too hard to succeed, alienating friends and wearing yourself out in the process.If you want to reach your goals while still maintaining a full life, put on your green underpants. They'll help you slow down and enjoy life.


-L said...

Yay, green underpants...we'll have to go get those green boots now to match ;)

IRS Printing Guru said...
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IRS Printing Guru said...

You can send your check directly to me - I will be collecting IRS checks until 11:59 pm :)

I wonder if Bob would be able to make his outfit w/ green underwear.

Meant to ask if he matched on Saturday!!

Want pics from Sat - since we missed most of the day

Bri said...

Hey Underpants Lady -
We want cake pictures!!!

So-Called Supermom said...

Cake pics will be coming tomorrow. I forgot to take the pics off my camera last night!!! :)