Six Things

I have been tagged by Life in Mama Land! And since I am swamped at work (really dont even have the time to blog but here I am anyways!), the tag is perfect timing----no original thoughts needed for today's post!! :)

Here it goes: Six Things You Really Don't Need To Know About Me But I Am Telling Anyways!

1. As a child, I LOVED Michael Jackson. It was during the Bad and Thriller days, not the wierd scary and completely strange Michael we all know today! My best friend Coley and I had matching Michael posters (they were the Thriller posters that everyone had!) and mine hung on the back of my bedroom door. I guess I had good intuition back then because I refused to get dressed in my room---I swore Michael Jackson was watching me through the poster! While that is really funny, the truly embarassing part of this story is that I own the Michael Jackson Greatest Hits cd and it is currently in my car. AND I listen to it! AND I can Moonwalk!

2. I have a first husband, a real life husband, and a continuous fling. Granted most of them are simply fantasties but come on---cant a girl dream? Here is my line-up: Tom Cruise (pre-crazy days; prefer the Tom Cruise from Risky Business or Days of Thunder) is my first husband. I dont want to talk to him. All I want is for him to mow the yard wearing nothing but jeans (no shirt) then make me breakfast and read the newspaper across the table from me. Simple enough. M yreal hubby is of course Bill. He is the person I actually want in my life at all times. My continuous fling is The Rock. There is just something about him I cannot ge over. And Yes, the real hubby know all about my other men!

3. I am terrified of clowns. In fact, I wont even walk on those sewer grates on the sidewalks or park near the sewer openings on curbs. Nope, that stupid clown in the movie It lived under those things and I will NOT tempt fate by walking on or near one! I have never been to the circus and have no plans on taking Grace to the circus. If she wants to go, it seems like a perfect Daddy-Daughter activity to me.

4. I am a total cliche! I was a tennis player, cheerleader, yearbook editor, and was on honor roll all 4 years of high school. Then I went to college, got a job, got married in my early 20's shortly followed by parenthood. Now I am a mom, a wife, we have 2 cars, 1 child, 2 pets, and we are total yuppies! Someone please take me out of this cliche world I live in!!!!

5. I collect Barbies. I love them. Now I can buy Barbies whenever I want---I simply claim they are for my daughter when in reality, they are for me!!! I have a Marilyn Monroe Barbie, Malyasian Barbie, the original Barbie, Birthday Barbies from various years, a proclein Bride Barbie given to me as a gift, and many many more!

6. FINALLY, #6!!! I put my wedding dress on every once in awhile when I am home along just to make sure it doesnt fit. I was 4 1/2 months pregnant when we got married so if the dress ever fits again, I either need to go on a diet or there wouldbe another little one on the way. Which wouldnt be a bad thing!!!! :)

So, now that I have completed this post, I get to tag someone else. Here are the rules:
1--If you are tagged, you have to post six things about yourself on your site.
2--Then you should leave a comment on my site to let me know that you have posted.
3--You can then tag 6 more people. To tag, just leave them a comment to let them know they are IT!

Really---its fun so give it a try. Here are my tags:

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5. KBFixIt
6. Katie, Joe, & Grace
7. YaYa Princess ( I am tagging 7 people because I like to be an over-achiever!!! Oops, thats 7 things about me!!! )


Bri said...

oh shit :) I'll blog all about it manana

Kristen said...

Okay - I've been tagged twice so I'll bore people with 12 tomorrow.


sunshine scribe said...

I enjoyed reading your list. I love that you put your wedding dress on every once in a while. If mine wasn't all sealed up I'd do the same.

Great blog.

-L said...

Damn! I've got some work to do! :)

Kris said...

OK, I've done my homework. :) I cannot wait to start buying and playing Barbies with Ava.