SuperMom and More!!!

Well, that just about sums up the conversation I have with myself daily!

I found a website today that I am adding to my "visit daily" list, www.mothersandmore.org. While the Mommy Wars topic has been blogged about, talked about, argued about, etc, etc, etc.....this site is amazing. The organization lists their core values as:

  • A mother is more than any single role she plays at any given point in her lifetime. She is entitled to fully explore and develop her identity as she chooses: as a woman, a citizen, a parent or an employee.
  • All the work mothers do — whether paid or unpaid - has social and economic value.
  • All women deserve recognition and support for their right to choose if and how to combine parenting and paid employment.
  • All mothers, all children and all families are unique. We respect the wisdom of each mother to decide how to care for her children, her family and herself.
  • Mothers have the right to fulfill their caregiving responsibilities without incurring social and economic penalties.
  • The transitions women make into and through motherhood are challenging and can be difficult.
  • Together, mothers are powerful.

Mothers Day is coming up. What is it that we all want? We want hugs and kisses from our precious little ones and we want a hug and a kiss from our hubbies/sig. others. And sometimes, on any old random day, we all want someone to say "Thanks for being a good mom". That's all.......well, I do still want the crayon drawings from my toddler and a trip to the jewelry store never hurt a husband!

Seriously, though - Mothers work hard, whether they have a job out of the home or not. I think that Mothers & More is on to something! Check out the blog too; mothers from different walks of life writing about their take on motherhood and all that it encompasses.

Okay, advocacy is done for the day! Enjoy!


rhonda said...

I will have to check out that site!

Jozet said...

Thanks for that link!

Ah yes...the Mommy Wars seem to be on everyone's mind lately in my little blogging sphere. Even, uhm, your's truly.

BTW, I love that cartoon. Check out my lithograph on my blog...I think you'll appreciate it.