Tomorrow is another day!

Tomorrow is the big day----the first day of the next chapter in my "outside the house" job. I am feeling a little nervous, a lot of anticipation for what is to come, and a TON of excitement.

I took a few days off between jobs for some "Jaime-time". Wow---after 3 days at home, I feel relaxed, a whole lot less tense, and ready to take on the world. What did I do with my Jaime-time. Grace went to day care every day so that I could get some things done. Each morning I thought about keeping her home for the day but decided against it. I didnt want to interrupt her schedule and honestly----could I really have gotten everything done with her home all day? ((Kudos to you SAHMs who manage to do it all!!!)) The entire first floor of my house is clean, the bedrooms are all clean, and Grace's bathroom sparkles from all the bleach, etc used in there this week!!!

Tonight, I am hom alone (hubby went to the hockey game with all the boys) getting ready for my first day of work. Remember the first day of school? That was the longest night for me when I was a kid---I could never fall asleep! Believe it or not, I didnt dread it like other people I knew. I was excited about the possibilites the new year could bring, nervous about making friends and wearing the right clothes (SO important in high school!), and scared out of my mind that I wouldnt fit in! All those feelings are rushing back to me tonight. Its funny how even though we get older----we get married, become mothers, etc-----new things/experiences scare the hell out of us.

How am I going to handle this you might be asking (if you arent asking, well I am asking!). I really believe that this new job can be the beginning of the "New and Improved jaime!". I am going to arrive at the office confident and positive. We have a staff meeting tomorrow so that I can meet everyone in the office. At that meeting, I intend to be socialable, outspoken (not in negaitve pushy way but in a strong confident woman way), and cheerful---yes folks, I am going to be that girl who sits in the front row and answers all of the teachers' questions!

Did your mom make you a special lunch for the first day of school or let you wear a brand new outfit to the first day or even leave little notes in your backpack for you to find in your first class of the day? Mine did. Man----wish we still got those little touches on the first day of a new job!

Wish me luck! :)


rhonda said...

Dear Jaime,

Good luck today at your first day of work. You are so smart and funny. I just know that everyone will just love you and make you feel welcome.

If you get scared, just think of me smiling, and know how much I love you.


Now you can print that out and put it in your lunchbox for tomorrow. Good Luck!

So-Called Supermom said...

Rhonda----that was the sweetest comment! Thanks!

-L said...

Good luck tomorrow Jaime! I can feel your nervous anticipation from here :)

I'm sure this is a start to something really great for you!