Pleasure in fingertips!

I have a few days off before I start the new chapter in my career....the career out of the house! So I took advantage of the time today and got my hair cut. I have been seeing the same hairdresser since I was in high school----Dennis. He has LONG flaming red curly hair and better nails than I can dream of! The first time he cut my hair WAY back when he did it while I had my head flipped upside down. I cried the entire time but it was the best hair cut I have ever had!!! He quickly gained my loyalty and now I see him at least twice a year (any more than that and I would be broke!). He is lightening fast with scissors so I lovingly call him "Dennis Scissorhands".

Anyways, I sat down in the chair today to get my hair washed and around the corner walks a much-tattooed, young, obviously gay (dont be offended!!!) adorable guy. Yes, folks, he was the hair washer!!!! And his fingertips were magic! The best part of the entire experience today was the head massage during the vitamin conditioner treatment. Oh girls----we should all have one of these guys in our homes!!!!!

My scalp has never thanked me so much!!!!!


rhonda said...

Sounds FABULOUS! I need me some of that!

-L said...

That does sounds wonderful! You'll have to let me know if you talked to him about how much highlighting is...now that I know there is a magic hair washer, I'm even more anxious to go there!

So-Called Supermom said...

hehehe....I grabbed a price list for you and told Dennis that you might come see him. He promised to take good care of you!

allie said...

set my appt w/ my guy for Sat. Can't WAIT for my head to be massaged :)