Buffett or Bust!

August 3, 2006. Parking lot opens at noon, show starts at 8 pm. Recover on August 4. Jimmy Buffett is coming to town!!!!!

After putting Gracie down for a nap, I sat in the home office for 30 minutes getting both computers synched up to Ticketmaster, had the phone ready to re-dial the Ticketmaster 1-800 number, and had a cup of Hawaiian Kona coffee in front of me to keep me energized! So, I was all set up at home, Allie had the same set up at work, and Dave---well, he forgot but thats another part of the story! At the moment the clock turned to 10 am, tickets were available. My first try----computer timed out!!!! I hit refresh and started again-----at 10:08 am, I got the message that "there are no tickets available". Sold out in 8 minutes----not bad! Luckily, Allie is a champ at getting concert tickets and she walked away wtih 6 lawn tickets!!!!

Now it is time to get ready for the show! (Yes it does take a few months to prepare---after all, we are going to be in the parking lot for 8 hours!). Out of curiosity, what is your favorite Buffett song???? Its toss up for me---"Little Miss Magic" is Grace's song (we sang it to her when she was a baby) but I personally am a HUGE fan of "Fins".

Fins Up!


Allie said...

that's right--I rock! :) soooo excited! I'm a Buffett virgin-can you imagine?? Woo Hoo!! And fav song?? Dunno, guess I need to find one. Here's a little Buffett trivia: Jimmy Buffett learned about the keys (or Cayes) from Jerry Jeff Walker a famous singer in Belize. While Jerry Jeff is known in Belize, that's about the extent of it. He and Jimmy have extremely similar sounds.

moe said...

I love Jimmy Buffet. He never comes to MY town. I guess I will have to live vicariously through you. Favorite song maybe Fruitcakes or Love in the library. Unfortunately the only song they ever play on the radio here is Margaritaville