One for Each Year of My Life

I saw this over at PajamaMama and thought it could be fun so here it goes! If you are reading this, consider yourself TAGGED---post this on your site and leave me a comment so I can come check out what you wrote!

There is one sentence/memory for every year of my life---in order and they occured in that year (i.e. #1 occured in the first year of my life).

Okay, here it goes!

1. My father had to miss Battlestar Galactica so he could take my mother to the hospital to give birth to wonderful me! I still hear about that!

2. First steps, first tooth, first solid food. Busy year for a little baby!

3. I waved an America Flag and wore a yellow ribbon when the hostages came home.

4. My days as an only child end with the arrival of my baby sister. I fell down the stairs and broke my arm...for the first time.

5. At preschool, my first little preschool "boyfriend" teaches me how to put my coat on by flipping it over my head!

6. Kindergarten---I wore a Care Bears outfit and was mad at my mom for days; there were 4 other kids in my class with my same name but they were all boys! I thought my mom named me a boy's name!

7. My first year on swim team! I was great at backstroke and was on all the little kid relay teams. My ribbons are still in a box at my parents house.

8. My first cheerleading coach, Joe Dash, was also my 2nd grade teacher. He let us raise frogs in the classroom. Joe remained an important part of my family until he passed away from AIDS when I was in 8th grade.

9. My little brother was born that summer. It was also my introduction to the chocolate cigars sold at the hospital giftshop.

10. We moved to another town in the middle of the school year. I was so mad at my parents!

11. This was the year of New Kids On The Block. Every Friday was "NKOTB Day" and me and all my firends wore our NKOTB gear to school. I broke my arm again this year when I tripped over the pavement of a friend's driveway at 5 am on the way to swim practice.

12. Sixth grade was my favorite year of school. We were the Dodgeball Champs and were quite proud of our trophy----a coffee can mounted on a piece of wood and spraypainted gold. Super tacky but boy, did we all love it!

13. This is the last time I have been camping. I went to summer camp on Cape Cod for a month---rode horses, swam in a nasty lake, and got my very first kiss at the boys camp across the lake. I dont even remember his name!

14. The first time my friends Laura and I were allowed to have boys over on the weekend to "hang out", our fathers sat on the front porch drinking Sam Adams and cleaning Luara's dad's shotgun! I know people joke about that all the time, but it really happened to me!

15. High school----Freshman year was fun. I made the varsity tennis team and thought I was SO cool because my first date was with a senior! We went to Bennigans and then to see Mrs Doubtfire!

16. My first car was a Dodge Neon---green with confetti printed interior. My heart was broken for the first time and I made the cheerleading squad. Sophomore year was a roller coaster!

17. I fell in love for the first time. He wrote my name on a case of Red Dog beer and I was hooked! We dated for 5 years on and off so it must have been the beer!

18. Bye bye virginity, high school, Virginia, and all the comforts (or not) of home. Hello SC!

19. My first apartment and taste of real freedom.....not necessarily a good thing. I also got my first "D"---ouch!

20. Can I skip this one!?!?!??!?! Its really depressing and if I could delete it from my life, I would.

21. Remember the movie "Coyote Ugly"? Its one of my favorite to this day. I wored at a bar modeled like Coyote Ugly. Dont get any crazy ideas----if you saw the movie, I was very much like Lil, the manager/boss. But I still have my red snakeskin cowboys boots to show for it.

22. I came home to VA, didnt tell my parents I was living 5 miles from their house, and started working in DC. That is where I was on 09/11/01......a block from the White House!

23. The year my life changed forever----I met my (now) husband wearing leather pants and knee high black boots. Me, not him!

24. Now this was the whirlwind year of my life....moved out of my parents house, got engaged, got pregnant, and got married. Hey---why wait..just do it all in one year!

25. Life really is revolving door. My husband and I were with my mother in law when she passed away. 2 weeks later, she sent us our little angel Grace to keep us company! Parenthood changed me more then any other experience so far.

26. Bill and I started renovating his childhood home-----a lot more fun than it looks sometimes. And I finally fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!!

27. Now for this year....2006....My birthday is in 3 weeks. And finally, it seems that things are coming together. I have friends I love to be around, my mother and I are getting along better (not perfect but better), I finally have a job that I enjoy again (I know its only been 5 days but my instinct is that this was a good move!), and I couldnt ask for a more loving husband or adorable daughter.

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