No Words

I was scanning through some blogs today (I am bored at work) and ran across something that has me sitting in my cubicle all teary-eyed. Now, I feel the need to share it with everyone I know! Here it is: Madison Jade Brooks.

A few posts ago I wrote about how fantastic my daycare provider is and how lucky Grace is to have her in her life. Afghani takes great care of my baby girl but right now, after reading Madison's story, all I want to do is leave my cubicle and give Grace as many kisses and hugs as she will allow! No mother should have to go through what Madison's mother is enduring!

So, read her story and use the Brooks family tragedy to learn something. Learn that each day is precious, that every child deserves quality child care if their parent(s) must work outside the home, that daycare regulations need to be better enforced by the states and providers such as Madison's need to be prosecuted, and that children are a blessing but should not have to be their parents' angels.

Now, get off the computer and go hug and kiss your babies!!


-L said...

I can't believe that this happened to her. The whole story is just truly heartbreaking. Give Gracie tons of kisses tonight! It's so great that you have such a loving daycare provider.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky you can do this at work. I see alot of that these days. Lazy Moms playing on the computer at work and then wondering why they can't make enough money to support themselves