$20,000 a Month!

I am not going to preach on this post----I promise. Well, I promise to try anyways.

I wear many "hats". Most of the time, I wear my wife/mom hat but during the day (and some nights), I wear my "Meeting and Event Planner" hat. My hats are pictured below.

Since I became a Mom, I have been surprised that there are some people out there that think its SO easy to be a parent, that anyone can do it, and that balancing work and family is a breeze (its not!). The hours are long (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and there are no holidays/days off. The hours between 6:30 am and 7:30 pm as well as 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm are craziness as you are getting yourself and the baby ready for day care/work in the morning and then rushing home to make dinner. give the baby a bath, and get her to sleep before she has a meltdown from exhaustion.

As an event/meeting planner, I have to fight to make people see that my job is not all that glamrous, that planning a corporate meeting or a wedding is hard work and that event/meeting planners are valuable employees in the business world. Well, this morning I was researching some webmeeting options for a client and ran across some new meeting industry websites. Boy, was I surprised when I saw this: Be An Event Planner and Earn $20,000 a Month!.

Seriously, this is what they listed as qualifications:

  • Write down a list of tasks
  • Delegate them to others
  • Read at a 9th grade level
  • Get along with people

I DONT THINK SO!!!!! And if someone out there is planning one event each month and is making $20,000 each month, PLEASE tell me your secrets! I am sure the celebrity event planners are doing it but that is not normal!!!!

Just had to share my aggrevation. It is crap like this that makes it hard for event planners to be taken seriously! Ridiculous! It is such a fun industry to work in but it is hard work. Event planners are not at events to have a good time and mingle; you are there to work. It is a rare event that the event planner actually gets to enjoy the event. Okay, I am done with this post because the more I write, the more irritated I am getting! So ridiculous! ;)

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