Long Time Coming!!!

I have been a little MIA in blog-land lately but I have good news to share now!!


Those of you who know me know that I have been miserable---let me repeat that....MISERABLE....in my current position since it began this past summer. I am not a fan of job hopping but I feel like I gave this position enough time and energy and it never got any better. I am giving my notice today---I usually give 2 weeks but have angled my resignation letter to let me leave this place at the end of this week.

So, I am leaving here and starting a new job in a different section of the meetings/event industry. I am really excited. New challenges and new people. The new office is right down the street from my old office (the one I LOVED) so I feel like I am going to the old neighborhood. This job will involve more travel though it really wont be much; a couple trips a year to the site of that year's annual meeting (my main responsibility). Its a small office so I can go in there and really make a mark pretty quickly.

Being a working mom is hard enough but hating your job makes it so much worse! The past few months I have been grumpy all week long, totally void of any energy, and extremely moody. I will admit----all those resentments to my job took a toll on me and my family. Who wants to hang out with Mommy when she is all stressed out and annoyed after work?! I only get a few hours a night with my little princess and I am tired of it being miserable for us at home. The new position is making my commute longer and I will have to travel a few times a year but in the end, doesnt a happy job situation make for a happier Mommy that in turn makes the entire family much better? I work because there are bills to be paid but I also want to show my daughter that women can be successful in their careers as well as be great mothers and wives. I cant do that if I spend all morning complaining about work or come home each day irritated because of the office.

So, here's to new opportunities and a happier SuperMom!

UPDATE-----Its amazing! Now that I have announced at this office that I am leaving, everyone is stopping by my desk to tell me how sad they are to see me go, what a good job I have done here, etc, etc etc. Well, if you are so damn sad to see me leave, why didnt you give me anything to do while I was here?! Whatever. (((See, the "short timer attitude" has already kicked in!)))


-L said...

I am still so happy for you! And that's great that you put in that you want to be out of there by the end of the week :)

Kristen said...

YAY! I'm very excited for you. Are you reading that book to the little one :)

So-Called Supermom said...

My notice has been received by the "Big Boss" and I am outta here on Thursday!!!!! :)

Kristen---Not reading that book to Gracie but I just might have to run by Barnes and Nobles to pick it up!!!

kba said...

Congrats!!! You know what they say, "Aint nobody happy if the Momma's not happy"


kbfixit said...

Congrats! Gotta spill the details, tho. Give us a holler.

- kb