Baby Boom!

I don't know if anyone else experiences this trend, but it seems as if as soon as 1 friend/family member announces a pregnancy, everyone gets preggers! 4 of friends/family members have had babies since November; the most recent arrival was 2 days ago! In the next few months, various friends of ours are expecting, bringing the grand total of new babies to 8! Is there something in the water or what? Of course, I love new babies and all the arrivals have afforded me many excuses to stop in to visit my favorite store of yesterdays---Babies R Us! And I dont have to go straight to the "big baby" stuff for young toddlers but I get to play with all the itsy-bitsy newborn baby stuff! I have also been able to send out all the used clothes in Grace's closet. For those who havent seen it, Grace has a walk-in closet and yes, it is almost full. Hey---every 2 year old girl should have one and its Mommy's job to fill it with the cutest clothes that can be found. I have to admit that its great to bring a big box of clothes to FedEx to send off to friends for their use. Not only are the clothes seeing a longer life (and I love seeing my friends' babies in Grace's clothes), but it is clearing out space for me to fill. Isn't it time to earn my GymBucks at Gymboree?!?!?! :)


Kristen said...

I love being able to share clothes with people. A few friends did the same for me and it was really great!

kba said...

We're shipping back the remainder of Gracie's clothes (with the exception of the pimp coat - that just fits now) and including all the stuff I have for Ash in 24M/2T. Is there a difference in 24M/2T and if not, why do they have two things that mean the same thing!>!>!

So-Called Supermom said...

No difference! Although its easier on me to buy 24mths....it makes it seem like she is still a baby and not a toddler!!! :)