Laser Pointers

Anyone who has a laser pointer and a cat knows what great toys those pointers are!! Well, last night, Bill discovered that Grace is just as mesmorized with the laser pointer as animals are! We spent half an hour watching Gracie chase the little red dot across the kitchen floor, up the wall, on the fridge, etc. She was even trying to pick it off the floor! Hysterical!! I videotaped the game....you cant see the laser pointer in the tape but that makes it even funnier to watch! As soon as I figured out how to add videos to the blog, I will add it here for all to enjoy!

It is snowing here all weekend so I will have a ton of pictures (finally got the digital camera back from the repair shop) and funny stories!

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Matt Getty said...

Sounds hilarious. Can't wait to see it. There are probably other options as well, but I know you can host videos for free at ourmedia.com (I think they even host streaming video for free.)