Like Mommie's Love

Grace has the best day care provider in the world. If you know me, no doubt you have heard me sing Afghani's praises for the past 19 months. She has been a part of the Infant Toddler program in the county for 14 years and yesterday she sprang a surprise on us...she has quit Infant Toddler!!! I was shocked. However, she and her daughter have started their own daycare; state license is in place, etc. We are thrilled, especially since her rate decreased as well; hey, every $100 counts! All my friends who I have recommended to Infant Toddler---they are fantastic and I will continue to sing their praises. However, Grace is leaving that system and joining Afghani's new day care, Like Mommie's Love.

Being a working mom is tough; you miss moments with your child as she grows up. There are "firsts" that happen at day care and there are times when your child cries and you aren't there to comfort her. However, there are also friendships that are formed and socialization skills that are learned. Grace loves Afghani and though I get teary when she cries at pickup time because she wants to stay there, I am comforted that she is so well taken care of and that she is happy there. I dont think I could handle being at work if it wasn't that way. Honestly, Afghani is a big part of the reason we have managed to stay positive about day care. She is part of our family. The name, Like Mommie's Love, is so appropriate for Afghani's day care....she treats all the kids like her own. Whenever I show up at her house, the kids are laughing and playing and smiling. You can see it in the kids' eyes; they adore Afghani as much as she does them.

So there is my praise for Afghani. I wish that everyone was as lucky as Grace to have such a fantastic provider during the day. I wish that every child was as happy at day care/school as Grace is every morning when we drop her off. I wish that every Mom had the opportunity to share her child with someone as special as Afghani.


allie said...

wow--that site looks really good!

CameraDawktor said...

You are right about it being hard to leave your kid, I'm glad you found something so wonderful. I could leave my first one but when the second came...just couldn't do it, it was making me cRaZy!! I'm so glad you and your husband have something you feel so good about. That gives peace-of-mind.

-L said...

It really is so great that you have such a terrific daycare provider. And how wonderful that she is starting a place of her own!

Kristen said...

Hey -- it must be hard -- but very reassuring that the person is trustworthy and your daughter loves her!

Aurelia said...

What a blessing it is to feel the way you do about your child care provider.

I was a provider for 5 years and loved the children as if they were mine!

Take Care,