I know that is only Jan 11 but.............for 11 whole days I have stuck to each one of my resolutions!! Usually, I last a week with resolutions but 2006 is proving to be successful already!

Last night Bill and I paid off a bunch of credit cards that have been sitting there for ages. Its so nice to pull up the online statements and see "$0.00" in the balance column. Doesnt happen often so I am enjoying it today. Sure, we decreased the bank balance in some accounts but in the long run, this was a great decision for us. Even made a double payment to Gracie's college fund.

Another couple came over last night for dinner and we had a great time. It was like an "at home double date". I made dinner and the other couple brought dessert. SO MUCH FUN. I am definitely still working on other aspects of my personal life in regards to home but I am making progress. Even Bill commented last night that my energy had skyrocketed recently around the house. There are things that we need to work on with "us" but my new found energy is helping! YEA!

As for the new career, I actually took a break from it last night. My team leader called to chat but that was all I did for TOHE once I got home from work. I am completely dedicated to the venture but am realizing that I need to set "home office hours" so that I dont burn myself or my family out and so that I can control the business.

So yesterday was a good day and today seems to be following as well. Kudos for me this week!

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