Blah Blah Blah--Boring Day!

I made my first real investment in my new career today! An ad will run tomorrow in the Washington Examiner for my Taste of Home Entertaining team. Pretty exciting! Everyone that I talked to on my team and other teams have had great response from newspaper ads so I am hoping for the same. It would be really nice to go into the launch date with a team of 5 or 6 consultants. I have been doing some very passive advertising lately and I already have a team of 3. Anyways, that was my progress today. I need to set up some financial records at home to keep track of these costs. Since no money will be coming in until May, I need to make sure that I stick to my "business budget" and keep track of all my expenses. Tax time will come at some point and I can write all that off!

Last night was hysterical! Gracie was eating her dinner in the family room (we were too exhausted to fight with her over the high chair at the table) and Bill and I were both laying on couches. As soon as Bill turned on CMT, Gracie started dancing her little heart out. She came over and pulled both of us off our lazy butts and made us dance with her holding hands. Wish I could have been a little bird looking in the family room window---what a funny sight to see! Again, those little moments are the best!

Honestly, today is one of the most boring days I have encountered in a long time. The hallways at work are quiet, no drama at home, and nothing that is really getting me all worked up (well I am excited about the new TOHE products but you will have to check out my other blog at www.ehometeam.blogspot.com to see those!).

Oh well....here's hoping to some excitement tonight! :)


TeamWinks said...

Trade days with you!

TeamWinks said...

Forgot to say new tmeplate rocks!