Am I A Believer?? Not So Sure!

So I am bored----again----at work. But Tarot.com is providing me with a TON of amusements. Not sure if I believe in all that (horoscopes, numerology, etc) but its fun regardless. Here are my results:

Your telephone number adds to 5. Adventure and change, this number is anything but stable. Expect the unexpected. Good for sales pitches. Also good for unconventional individuals and freedom loving travelers. Not so good for families. Lacks discipline and responsibility. Not good for people with eating disorders or dependencies of any kind.

The most solid and grounded of all addresses, this house inspires responsibility, inner strength, and dependability. The address breathes strength, conventionality, and moral values. Well suited for focused, career-oriented people and/or young families with children. Also inspires financial growth and a responsible approach to monetary matters. Not a good house for creative or unconventional people.Strengthen the positive influence of this address with: Muted, earthy colors. Heavy, robust furniture. Solid oaks and antiques. Heavy curtains (kept open). Wood floors.

Well, I guess I should stop using my cell phone for any family matters, huh?! At least it is good for sales pitches since that will be my number listed on Taste of Home Entertaining things. At least my house is stable and good for families. I really think its my mother in law's influence on the house that gives it the strength and moral values though! Muted, earthy colors---not me! We have vibrant colors on our walls. Heavy robust furniture---inherited pieces are pretty robust and heavy aren't they? Heavy curtains---I havent been able to commit to the heavy curtains. The house is so seperated in each room that I think heavy curtains would just close it off even more. We shall see on this one! Wood floors---Bill will be so glad that the wood floor investment was right! HAHAHAHA. Check on this one (for the main level anyways!). I guess we will have to see if any of this is right!

On a romantic astrology side of things. looks like Bill (Scorpio) and I (Aries) will have a pretty interesting relationship!

You Aries can burn on the hot side and with a Scorpio you may have met your match. Passion is the common thread that intertwines you in this relationship. Your Scorpio partner's fire is deep, relentless and consuming. Meanwhile, your fire blazes brightly with sheer excitement and then tends to settle down as you recharge your batteries. Can your emotional and moody Scorpio mate keep up with your outward expression of enthusiasm and joy? Perhaps. But you’ll have to learn the virtue of solid commitment and understand the fact that you are in it for the long haul. You can teach your Scorpio how to have a more lighthearted attitude toward life. He or she can put you in touch with the power of your own passion. Together, you are intense and focused, and will need plenty of time to dive into the pools of intimacy and to explore the mysterious and pleasurable realms of love.

Okay, time to come back to Earth and get some work done. Oh look---its lunch time! HAHAHAHA.

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