No Hawaii for ME!

I am turning down a trip to Hawaii-----is that stupid or what!? A co-worker of mine is planning a meeting on the Big Island at the end of the month and needs another meeting planner to go with him for a week. While it would be great and the company would pay for the trip (airfare, meals at the meeting, and hotel room), I will be working the entire time and not be able to enjoy Hawaii. No laying on the beach during the day, no tours on the Island, no volcano climbing, etc. They dont pay for a rental car so its not like I can go out at night and explore on my own. And the limited things I would get to do I would have to spend the time with my co-worker, who I am not really that fond of these days! I would rather spend the time with my husband in our suburban house with nothing special on the calendar. At least I would like the person I was spending time with!

This, folks, is the downside to event planning. Yes, you get the chance to go to great places. However, the event planner spends at least 12 hours a day working the event while the attendees are laying on the beach and enjoying the surroundings! You work so much that all you ever really see is the hotel lobby and maybe the mile surrounding the hotel----you are just too exhausted to go any further than that!

Am I nuts or what?!!?! Gotta run to let the team know that I am not going on the trip!

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nosouthernbelle said...

Sorry girl! That sucks!