Its the little things that make such a difference. Last night, as with most nights on my way home from work, I needed to run a few errands. Half way home I realized that what I needed to do could be accomplished on the phone so instead, I went straight home. After 20 minutes or so of phone calls, B, G, and I all played together. B and I were chased through the house by the minchkin and then we cooked up some plastic hot dogs and bacon (my kind of dinner!). It was so nice to just forget all the crap going on and hang out with my little family. We laughed harder than we have in awhile! B and I talked about work stuff and about what is going on with his job (90 day review for the promotion is coming up and he has an opportunity to ask for a raise!). I talked to him about my stupid job that I still hate but am making it through. It seems that with almost no effort at all, I was able to make steps on 1 of my resolutions---taking care of my personal life by spending quality time with my family! Such a good looking family, aren't we?!!?

The only resolution I didnt act on yesterday was the budget! Instead of whipping something up for dinner at the house, I gave in and took a short trip to Taco Bell for B and I. Well---at least it was the cheapest fast food around! Its football season and we were both in the mood for some cheap fast food while watching the Orange Bowl. Go Penn State!!! I am sure we will do that same thing on Saturday for the Skin game! Its so exciting that they are in the playoffs; just need to hope this year turns out differently than 1999 when Tampa beat us! Well, this family will be wearing their Burgundy and Gold on Saturday in support! GO SKINS!

Guess I need to get back to work now. More later!

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