115 days to go!

Resoultion # 2 is "Start a New Career". Well, I fully intend to stay in event planning since it is what I love to do. However, I have signed on for a new venture that will fulfill that resolution; Taste of Home Entertaining. Its a new party plan company specializing in cooking and home entertaining products. Check out the link on this page---it will take you to my blog all about the company. I post updates as soon as I get them from the corporate office. It has proved to be a great recruiting tool as well! The company launches for public enrollments in 2 weeks but we can't start parties until May 1---thats where the 115 days comes from.

Had a team conference call last night. Each time I "attend" a call. I just get so excited about it. Catalogs arrive in about a month---cant wait to see the products!!! I have one party definitely booked with a friend of mine. Next stop--Mom! I am going to have her host a party as well in May. Also thinking of having an "Open House" at my place to get my neighbors, etc involved.

But before all that, I have a ton of work to do. I really want to start it off right. I am working hard on recruiting consultants on my team with great success. Now, I am going to start focusing on the business side of it all. Need to figure out my accounting system, set up the office at home to handle all the information, and work out a system with Bill to allow me to work at home productively. Guess you have to take care of the boring parts before the fun can begin!!!! Regardless, I am so excited about it. Looks like at least ONE of my resolutions is starting to take shape!!!

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