Just a Little Fun For Today!

So this is from another blog that I read all the time (www.wondermom.blogspot.com). Its fun so I am adding it to my site now!!

Four Jobs You’ve Had in Your Life:
1. Bartender
2. Retail Manager
3. Waitress
4. Butt wiper (I borrowed this answer from Kris @ WonderMom but that is a GREAT description for the jo of mothering a baby!)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
1. American Pie (all 3 of them!)
2. Top Gun
3. Office Space (that is my life at the office! I even have a red stapler to remind me!)
4. Aladdin (sorry but I love it!)

Four Places You’ve Lived:
1. Childhood home with 2 siblings and my parents, Clifton, VA
2. In a tiny 2 bedroom apt with 3 roommates in college, Columbia SC
3. In a great apartment with a friend except that we had no elevator and lived on the top floor! Oakton, VA
4. And finally, in my husband's childhood home that is over 30 years old and in need of some major renovations! But its home! Herndon, VA

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
1. Google
2. CNN.com
3. Taste of Home Entertaining team site, www.hometeamsite.com/join/jbarnhart
4. My other blog, www.ehometeam.blogspot.com

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:
1. House
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Law And Order (any of them....they are all great!)
4. CSI (Only the original and Miami...I HATE NY!)

Four of Your Favorite Foods:
1. Ice Cream
2. Flat Iron Steaks from Omaha Steaks (random I know but they are awesome!)
3. Brownies (preferably when they are still hot out of the oven!)
4. Bread with olive oil and pepper to dip

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without (at least for the moment):
1. Blue Collar COmedy Tour LIVE (Seriously, the funniest ever!)
2. Dora the Explorer Fiesta Songs (Grace loves it and if she is happy, then so am I!)
3. Anything from Jimmy Buffet
4. Les Miserables (I know---DORK! But I just saw the show again in DC for the 7th time and I love it!)

Four Places You’d Rather Be:
1. On the beach with a cabana boy bringing me pina coladas!
2. At home, right after the cleaning service people leave and no one else is home
3. At a great restaurant with the girls while Daddy has baby duty
4. On a road trip to anywhere with my husband

Four People Who Are Now Obligated To Do This to Their Blog:
1. Becky
2. Lina
3. Anyone else who wants to join in the fun!!!!!


rebeccawinks said...

Ok, I responded to your request. :-) Want to do a picture challenge? You show me what you have in your drawers and I will show you mine! Ha ha ha! I mean your junk drawer, sock drawer, fridge, etc.

Kris said...

Great list! I think I should start watching House. :) (I love Omaha steaks, too)