A New Year, A New Blog

As I do every year (even though I swear each year I wont do it again), I have made some resolutions!
  • Stick to a budget
  • Start a new career
  • Take control of my personal life

Now that I have written them here, I am committed to them. Right? Right.

Every January I start these resolutions and never stick to them. This year is different---I know that sounds so cliche' but its true. I am not sure where I will be next year at this time if I don't really work at these 3 things.

  1. Sticking to a budget: We are living in a house that we cant afford the way we live right now. We both make okay money at our jobs but its so hard to keep up with all the bills for the house, the cars, the baby, and ourselves. I miss those days when we could just run to Target and get whatever we wanted. Now, its a battle of need vs want and robbing Peter to pay Paul most months. With a mortgage payment looming out there somewhere, we need to buckle down to figure it all out. I hate being poor but here we are. At least we have each other, right? God---I HATE that saying!
  2. Starting a new career: I hate my day job but the least I can do is try to see the silver lining. While I have been sitting here bored everyday, I ran across a great opportunity; Taste of Home Entertaining. Its a party plan company that is launching in May 2006. I signed up as a charter consultant and already have one member of my team!!! The preliminary goals are to earn some extra cash to pay off bills. Later on, it would be great if this could become a fulltime job for me. We shall have to wait and see. For now, its a fun way to earn some extra cash for my family. In the meantime, I am sending out resumes!
  3. Take control of my personal life: The two main things that I need to take care of is my marriage and my own self. B and I got married 2 years ago but we never got to be newlyweds like I always thought I would be. It sounds horrible but I really feel robbed of all that for a variety of reasons. B and I already act like the old married couple. I miss romance and being silly and going out on dates and all that. I miss it so much but can we get that back? With a house and jobs and a baby, do we have time for that stuff? Having a baby really does change everything---those Johnson and Johnson ads are right! I need to figure out what I want from myself and why I feel so disappointed in my life recently. I have a great life in general but I am not happy. I am too busy trying to prove that everything is perfect and that I am not bitter/mad/pissed off/miserable; I forget to take care of me.

So there it is. Now that my resolutions and reasons are posted, I am committed to them. The New Year is 3 days old and I need to get started. So I resolve that everyday this year, I will do at least one thing to accomplish each of those goals. Even baby steps are good, right?!

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Mo K said...

Hi, supermom! It's Me. I-i-i mean "Mo" :) Thought I'd "mo"sey through a bit more of your blog.
I think I can relate to a lot of what you write--'cept for the baby part-- but hubby and I both have jobs, and we're finally making more time for each other. Don't take 15 years like it took us! (oh, I exaggerate) There's peaks and valleys, and that's life for ya. Live in the moment, girl. And do take in that show or event that you know you'd both enjoy but sounds like it would be more of a hassle than it's worth. You'll thank yourselves. That's my best advice.
And Gracie is just about the sweetest most adorable toddler I've ever seen!!!! My goodness, but she's a cutie :-)
I wish you luck with "Taste of Home"! I used to be a Partylite consultant part-time. It was fun and challenging, too.

P.S. I was bummed about the Redskins, too. But you're right, they did well to make it as far as they did. Better luck next season.