Stayed home from work today. Funny but I am busier when I am at home with Bill and Grace than I ever am in cubicle land! Which is my lame excuse for not posting until now. Sorry!

My biggest news this weekend was supposed to be the official beginning of my Taste of Home Entertaining adventure. I will post some new pics on that blog later on for all the enjoy (ehometeam.blogspot.com). But due to "technical difficulties", the launch date has been changed to Monday.

On a better note, tomorrow night is GNO----Girls Night Out! All the girls are leaving the husbands/fiances to fend for themselves at dinnertime and are going out together! A good GNO is exactly what we all need right now. There is so much going on with everyone, from weddings to houses to kids to jobs, etc, that we so rarely get to hang out. Even though this week has been one that I cannot wait to just delete from my mind (wouldnt it be great if memory was like a blog and you could just delete posts until they are all gone!!!), there has been a silver lining; some great bonding with women who I knew were my friends but that I discovered are more like me than I ever imagined! Looking forward to spending some time with them over good food and good wine!

Anyways, sorry for the extremely boring post tonight but thats all I got (oh yeah, and a new washing machine that is leaking all over the floor!). More tomorrow night after the GNO!

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